Creating an awesome git experience on Windows

Use git like a master on windows

Creating an awesome git experience on Windows

Configure a better console

The console has become an essential part of day-to-day development, angular, reactjs, git, and netcore tooling rely on. So why not make it awesome :fist:.

  1. Install λ Cmder for the best console experience (no fishshell on windows). λ Cmder is an extension on-top of ConEmu.
  2. Enable Quake mode in Cmder/ConEmu. This allow you to open a command prompt by pressing ctrl + ~.
  3. Install post-git

Add aliases for common commands

Except for the high frequency commands, I have followed an approach of making aliases plural, e.g. tags, remotes, and branches to view all.

However, my favourite command above is yolo (see what it does) :boom: :smile:.

Save the precious keystrokes

For the power users, you can alias g for git.

To do this, add the following to your powershell profile (use code $Profile to open).

function Get-Git { & git $args }
New-Alias g Get-Git -Force -Option AllScope

Unfortunately, with the alias g you lose the tab completion. However, I found the other day there is a way to modify hack posh-git to get this working.

In your λ cmder console, type the following (assuming that you have VS Code installed).

code (Get-Command TabExpansion).ScriptBlock.File

Scroll to the bottom and add the following

function TabExpansion($line, $lastWord) {
    $line = $line -replace '^g ', 'git '
    // leave the remaining as-in